Our specials for 2021 are on a priority salary system.

Limited specials, class dogs and ringside pick-ups available per the following rates:

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Screenshot (532)1.png


All Breed Show

$125 plus expenses

Ringside Handling (dog stays in owner's care)


Show Socialization

$75 plus expenses

Independent Specialty Show

$250 plus expenses

Concurrent Specialty (if also in all-breed, otherwise $250)

$150 plus expenses

National Specialty Show

Available upon request

AKC Show

Available upon request

Westminster K.C.

Available upon request

Priority Salary

Available upon request

Daily Rate Overnight Cabana & Condos

$20-25 (based on size)

Monthly Rate Overnight Cabanas & Condos (Show Dog Discount)

$500-600 (based on size)

Weekly Conditioning - Short coats


Weekly Conditioning - Coated Breeds


Refundable Deposit (on client’s last invoice)


All fees reflect each class a dog is entered and shown in.

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Breed, Group, BIS and Specialty Bonuses

All-Breed Best In Show


All-Breed Reserve Best In Show


Group 1


Group 2


Group 3


Group 4


National Specialty Best of Breed


Specialty Best of Breed


Westminster/AKC Show BOB


Westminster/AKC Show Group Placements

Double the All-Breed Bonus Rates

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Show expenses will be divided equally between the each of dogs at each particular show or show weekend. This includes dogs dogs booked after the close of entries. Chargeable expenses can include gasoline, meals, parking, hotel, airfare, rental car and miscellaneous dog expense for the handler and any assistants.


$100.00 per hour plus expenses for all transportation of dogs, i.e. airport, veterinarian, breedings, client drop-offs/pick ups.


Day of show grooming is included in handling fee. This includes light table baths, blow-drys and touch–up trims only.  Any other grooming is available (by appointment only) for $100.00 per hour.   


Litter grading services are available for $100.00 per litter plus travel expenses.


All show dogs are required to show proof of current Rabies and DHLPP (distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvovirus). In addition, we require immunization for Bordetella (a vaccine that may help prevent canine cough) within 6 months of your visit.